The Amazing Race: May 6, 2007 Final Results

May 7th, 2007

Danielle & EricWe finally have a winner. Eric and Danielle beat out the blondes; Dustin and Kandice and the cousins; Charla and Mirna to win one million dollars. They were certainly not the odds on favorites since they had never won an individual leg of the race.

The final episode took them from Guam to Lanai, Hawaii to San Francisco. It all came down to who knew their teammate the best. One team member had to go in a room and choose other race participants as answers to questions like who do you trust the least. The answers would create a 4 digit code that would open a safe. The second team member would then go into the room and try to figures out what answers their partner gave. If they got the right answers they would have the code to open the safe. Danielle was the only one who got it right. The other two teams got their next clue after a ten minute time period was up.

In the end, brains didn’t help Charla and Mirna nor did beauty help Dustin and Kandace. Turns out Danielle gossiped all through the race so she and Eric were in sync with their opinions of the other contestants. Communication is key in life and and The Amazing Race!

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American Idol Results: May 2, 2007 Final Four Revealed

May 3rd, 2007

Phil StaceyAmerica finally got it right.  Since there was no elimnation last week due to the big charity event Idol Gives Back, two contestants were marked for elimination.  The votes for the past two week were combined to determine the lowest vote getters.  Over 130 million votes were cast.  And yes, the weakest idols were voted off.  Say goodbye to Phil and Chris.

At this stage of the competition everyone was really talented.  Although I must admit I was never a big fan of Chris (singing nasal is a style) Richardson.  Phil came alive the week they sang country.  Who knew?  Blake was always the best of the boys.  Now he’s the only one left standing.

So Melinda, LaKisha, Jordan and Blake will battle it out to make the finals.  I predict the finals will be Melinda and Blake.  I don’t think Blake is better than LaKisha or Jordan, just different.  Melinda, LaKisha, and Jordan probably have the same fan base.  That gives Blake the ability to sneak through with his base of dedicated fans.  Hopefully all of the final four contenders will have lucrative careers and get recording contracts as a result of this show.

American Idol Results: April 18, 2007: Sanjaya’s History

April 18th, 2007

Well the wait is over. For everyone who has been wondering when Sanjaya would be voted off it happened tonight. Boy was it a nail biter. Sanjaya ended up in the bottom three with Lakisha and Blake. After Blake was sent to safety Lakisha and Sanjaya were left to tremble at center stage. I really don’t have a problem with Sanjaya. I think he’s an ok singer and I know the young girls love him. But, he can’t hold a candle to LaKisha and it would have been a travesty if she had gone home before him.

The biggest surprise to come out of this week’s competition was Phil surfacing as a country singer. “That’s my genre” he proclaimed. Well where has your country been all these weeks. We always knew in the past who was the country singer just like we knew who was trying to be the rocker. It certainly worked for him this week. He ended up in the top four. I wonder if the upcomming weeks will find him putting a twang in his songs.

American Idol Results: April 11, 2007: Sanjaya Stays

April 12th, 2007

Haley ScarnadoWho would have thought that American Idol would come to the point where the main interest is whether one mediocre singer gets voted off or not? Personally, I don’t have anything against Sanjaya. He adds some interest to a show that so far has been filled with a lot of bad theme nights. (Sorry, I just don’t care for Latin music or Tony Bennett.) But lets face it. The one who wins American Idol needs to be able to sell records. Sanjaya did not even fall in the bottom three last night. He’s still got some life in him but it will be a travesty if he makes the final four.

Phil, Haley and Chris did end up in the final three. Chris was quickly sent back to his seat leaving Halley and Phil to sweat it out while Jennifer Lopez sang a Latin song. Akon had sung earlier in the show. This was the first extended one hour edition of the results show.

After the entertainment we got to say goodbye to Halley. She probably stayed longer than she should have. I know Stephanie was a much better singer. Maybe even Gina. And Sabrina who was sent home before the top twelve could sing circles around Haley. Maybe next week will bring a little more excitement and some better song selections. Here’s hoping!

Survivor: April 5, 2007

April 5th, 2007

LisiThe plot thickens. Lisi shared info she had gained about the immunity idol by being on exile island. She told Edguardo, and Alex the clues and they shared them with Mookie. The three of them got up early and found the idol. They didn’t tell Lisi or Dreamz. So much for trusting your alliance Lisi. Mookie ended up in possession of the idol. They talked about how they would share it but when alone, Mookie said “I feel like its only in one pocket and that’s in my pocket.” Alex and Edguardo better make sure Mookie stays in their alliance.

For the first reward the tribes were each given a two hour lesson in a Fijian Meke, a dance. The tribes would have a dance-off with the winner getting a feast and entertainment at the village. Ravu quickly figured out that size, strength and agility was not going to give them an advantage. Lisi didn’t take the challenge seriously. Moto worked hard with Earl as their leader. Yau-Man gladly sat out the challenge stating that he had no rhythm. The competition wasn’t even close. Moto danced like a well oiled machine. Ravu was an uncoordinated mess. Moto bonded as they shared the experience of the feast and activities.

The immunity challenge was tailor made for the Ravu Tribe. Each team member had to compete with three different weapons – blow darts, spears, bow and arrows. They would go one at a time alternating teams. They were shooting at a large target. The team that got closest to the bullseye with the blow dart would get one point. The closest with the spear would get two points. The closest with the bow and arrow would get three points. Big, strong Ravu got dissemated. They lost 6-0. Yau-man was the best with the spear and the bow and arrow. Edguardo had claimed to be good at archery but he totally failed his team. He didn’t even hit the board.

Back at camp, Lisi went around telling everyone she was done and wanted to go home. “I’m done like a Thanksgiving Turkey.” she said. Dreamz was really happy to make her wish come true. She had made his life miserable when they were both on Moto before the realignment. Right before tribal council Lisi changed her mind and talked to Alex and Edguardo about staying in the game. Obviously they decided they had had enough of her wishy-washy ways and voted her off. She was a negative influence that they could definitely do without. Hopefully their fortune will change.

The Bachelor: April 2, 2007

April 5th, 2007

The Bachelor and StephanieThis new season go off to a roaring start. This bachelor has so much going for him that it is bound to send the girls into a frenzy. He is not only a navy office but a doctor, a triathelete, a valedictorian, and a graduate of Duke University.

His task this week was to whittle 25 girls down to 15. He was also give a first impression rose that he had to give to someone right out of the limousine. Stephanie, a 27 year old organ donor coordinator from Folley Beach, SC received the first rose.

The party had it usual array of drunk dames and overzealous debutantes. It’s surprising what some girls think will make a good impression. Linda, a 33 year old attorney thought that matching him push-up for push-up would be endearing. It was not. Tina serenaded him with the Star Spangled Banner. Surprisingly enough that worked. She made the first cut.

There was one serious drama queen that didn’t make the cut. Lindsay, a 22 year old student from Lawrence, Kansas had all the ingredients of a bomb waiting to explode. She managed to get into an argument with one of the other girls who was obviously too drunk to participate. She was the type they usually keep on for a few episodes to add spice to the show. Obviously, Andy wasn’t having it. He made sure she took an early exit which she did with gusto. The minute the final rose was given she stormed out of the room proclaiming that she wanted to go home. Of course, she made a few unflattering comments about Andy’s appearance before she left.

Next week should be good. As the girls get to know their knight in shining armour I’m sure the claws will come out and it will be all out warfare!

In the News: The Bachelor, Officer and a Gentleman

March 31st, 2007

The Bachelor, Adam BaldwinThe new Bachelor premiers Monday, April 2nd. He’s a 30 year old Lieutenant in the US Army. He says he’s looking for a woman who will be a wonderful wife and mother. OK. Who isn’t? Hopefully he won’t be as vanilla toast as he looks. First impression is he’s too perfect. What’s your secret Adam Baldwin?

Survivor Fiji: March 29, 2007

March 29th, 2007

rocky.jpgLisi returns frojm exile island to the Alpha Male Ravu tribe. She immediately solidifies her previous alliance with Edgardo and Alex. She elicits them to help her find the immunity idol. For some reason she doesn’t seem to have all the clues that Earl had or she’s not smart enough to figure them out. She kinda thinks the idol is at camp near the entrance but doesn’t seem to know you have to dig deep.

The new Moto tribe consists of Earl, Michele, and YauMan from the old Ravu Tribe and Cassandra, Boo, And Stacey from the old Moto Tribe. Earl organized an expedition to go get their boat. That gave YauMan an opportunity to look for the immunity idol. He found it. He’s suppose to share the use of it with Earl. YauMan got the bright idea to make a fake immunity idol and bury it in the same place but not so deep. He hopes someone finds it to throw some confusion into the game. That’s pretty smart. It could create a whole new strategy if someone else thinks they have the idol.

The reward challenge was to throw a flame ball at a target and set it ablaze. The winner would go to a Fijian Arcade where they could play foozball, air hockey golf, bowling or pool. They would also get hot dogs and beer. Ravu won its first challenge ever.

At the arcade, Kava Bowl, everyone gorged themselves on the food. After all, this was the tribe playing Starvation Island. When everyone got sick Rocky started talking trash. He managed to get on everyone’s nerves. Not smart Rocky.

The immunity challenge was to walk blindfolded with a ‘caller’ shouting directions. The blindfolded person was to use a war club to smash a skull releasing a bundle of tiles. They would take the tiles to a table then go back to the tribe and give the club to the next person. After everyone took their turn, the whole tribe would untie the bundles and solve the puzzle which was to create the name “Cannabal Isles.” Moto won immunity again. Sorry guys. Strong men are just strong. Not necessarily smart.

Alex, Lisi and EDgardo wanted to vote out Rocky. They felt his negative energy upset the dynamic of the team. Mookie had an alliance with Rocky and said he would not vote for him. Dreamz said he would vote with Mookie.

At tribal council Dreamz became the swing vote and they voted Rocky out. He was caught off guard but what’s new.

American Idol Results: March 20, 2007: Sanjaya Reigns

March 28th, 2007

Chris SlighLet’s face it, American Idol is not just a singing competition. Even if you look around at the famous singers not all of them are the best. I mean there are a lot of execellent singers in the world who never become famous.

I said all that to say, I’m becoming a Sanjaya fan. When he came out yesterday in his Mohawk he was saying “I’m here to stay!” He was defiant and confident. He’s won over the hearts of the tweens. Don’t take your eyes off him. He’s a dark horse for the final four. He wasn’t even in the bottom three tonight.

Phil, Haley and Cris S. were in the bottom three. Phil was sent back to his seat leaving Haley and Chris. Simon predicted correctly that Chris was going home. I liked him but he was never a serious contender to win. As we near the end we’ll end up with all girls except Blake and he won’t make it to the final two.

Gwen Stefani put on the best show we’ve seen yet. Other than that the only high point was Ryan comming out in an Sanjaya like mohawk wig. Thanks for the laugh.

America’s Next Top Model: March 29, 2007 Plus Size Model Eliminated

March 28th, 2007

DianaThis week the girls get lessons on how to dress. First they have them dress in hockey, unflattering outfits and have the girls comment. You can tell they will say anything to win when they talk about how much they like their outfits. Jaslene has on the most awful plaid pants and she says her outfit is fun, young, and hip. They end up throwing those pants away as they have the girls switch pants, tops and shoes to get outfits that work for their bodies.

Rene goes into bitch gear as sh asks Whitney, “Do you think there will ever be a plus size model on the cover of Vogue?” She tries to make Whitney feel totally irrelevant.

For the challenge the girls are put in groups of three and given twenty minutes to select outfits, dress, create a set and pose as manniquins. Although the group with Whitney, Natasha and Jael were the best, they were disqualified because Whitney was not on the prop. They said Whitney would have won the challenge. Instead the group with Sarah Dionne and Rene won. Sarah was the individual winner even though Dionne picked out her entire outfit. The reward was that for the photo shoot she would be able to see all of her shots, get critiqued and then take another photo shoot.

Their photo shoot was to dress as men and model with drag queens. Natasha was a stand out. She had a hip-hop theme. She got a silver gum wrapper and made herself a grill. She totally got into the character. (But,I can’t imagine that they will let a Russian become America’s Next Top Model.)

Sometimes a girl can be really stupid. When Jay asked Diana why she wanted to be America’s Next Top Model she said “Just cuz.” Come on Diana. You had just had a terrible shoot and Jay was looking for some way to redeem you and you said “just cuz?” Girl, you bought that ticket home.

Now we’re down to just one plus size model and she hasn’t been doing that well. Whitney’s still around because Tara is in her corner. Better bring your ‘A’ game or you won’t be around much longer.

And yes, in case you didn’t figure it out, Diana was eliminated.